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As a student, I can learn a lot of knowledge from the books, books tell me all kinds of things, I am so happy to read books, but I know emerging in the books is not the right way to learn things. As the saying that theory should combine with practice, social practice is very necessary for students to learn things. First, what we learn from the book is to teach us recognize the world, it only provides us the theory, we need to make it practical. Second, the purpose of learning is to survive and create the world, we need to work and make money, if we don’t cooperate well, we will be kicked out. Social practical is very necessary.


Social practice has been more and more popular in universities and colleges. Students are asked to enter society and get some idea of it.

Surely social practice has many advantages. Firstly, social practice can offer students a chance to contact society and meet different kinds of people. In this way students can gain some valuable social experience, which will be useful to their future career. Secondly, students can apply what they have learned in class to practical work, thus knowing themselves more clearly. Thirdly, social practice can bring them some financial reward and make them more independent of their family.

However, some problems may arise if no correct guidance is made. For example, some students get overly interested in social practice and want to work full-time and earn money, thus neglecting their studies. And some students are likely to get in touch with the dark side of society, which will affect their future studies.


In order to carry out social practice smoothly, students should first know its objective. They should put their studies in the first place and see social practice just as a useful supplement, so they ought to try to strike a balance between social practice and their studies.

I am ZhuZiAn, I attended school held the social practice activity, and aunt have kids, I get face-to-face communication is very much experience.

I found that although we stay at home every day or studying in the classroom, even more than those in the class draw many knowledge, but when we needed to communicate with others, will still shy, still will shrink.

In the social practice, I learned many of us should observe life, but I get more exercise in the practice of my own ability, in practice, enrich self learning oral expression ability, strengthen the communication with people, really out of the classroom,. To help others, let the obligation to enjoy their achievements, others make intoxicated in joy, sometimes very tired, but I was feeling more, I grow in meaningfully growth.

In the process of practice, we also showed a lack of experience, handling problems immature, book knowledge and the actual problems with close enough. After we get back to school to learn more in time, the treasure to learn more knowledge, and further to practice, inspection of their knowledge, exercise their abilities as better service the society and lay a solid foundation.

Recently our class has had a heated discussion about whether middle school students should do social practice.


Some students think it essential to do social practice For exampie , it helps us know more about sociaty and gain much expenence. What’s more ,we are able to develop our ability and put what we have learned from books into practice

Othres hold an opposite idea,claiming that we are too young to adapt to society ,What’s worse ,it’s waste of time and energy

I surbscribe to the former idea .Not only social practice can broaden our horizon ,but also can better ourself .An ability to overcome whatever mistakes we are faced with will be cultivated .By doing so ,wo obstacles can defeat us and interfere with our long range goal .Besides ,our ability to deal with problems well will be built up .Only in this way can we better ourselves

At the same time, l want to give you some advice adout it.To begin with ,we should learn more about social intercourse.We ought to have a clear understanding of social practice.Basing on it,we should have the belief that we have ability to make task accomplished.Last but not least ,we must have confidence and keep emthusiasm.













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